Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jennifer Zoellner, St. Petersburg, FL, USA

We love this card. The drawing is sooo sweet and adorable. I'm posting it in it's clear envelope to show my NOW corrected error - the zip code was wrong. The postal service made a big black mark and wrote the correct zip, whew, luckily only on the clear envelope. I'll rescan this sans envelope so you can see the entire card in it's beauty. Rescanned: posted - now you can see the card as Jennifer created black line.

Jennifer's all about mail art blog is HERE.

Bernhard Zilling, Berlin, GERMANY

We all agreed with what was written on this card. The drawing is pen and ink. How beautiful! The humor in the drawing is so fun.

C. Lou, USA

C. Lou sent this photo of a peacock that they'd enhanced by hand, with additional color. It is beautiful. Every time I see one of these I marvel at the beauty.

Fleur Helsingor, Oakland, CA, USA

This image of a beautiful tree with yellow leaves is printed on a paper that has tiny sparkles in it. An extra twinkle of beauty. It was the first card received and was a delightful surprise to the staff at SPA310.

Beauty is.....

All documentation from the "Beauty is....." mail art call will be on this blog. The call is to honor the happiness of the women and men who have come together to work in a wonderful environment and are feeling so good! The work received will be displayed at SPA310, where they work to make people feel beautiful.